Play Shell Shockers for a chance of being an aggressive egg awesome! Choose your favorite course before delving into the sector filled with egg awesomes guided by various other actual human gamers. Arm on your own with unsafe tools, such as Shuffle Shotgun, EggK47 after that use them carefully to battle against others. You move the map trying to pursue the opponents, eliminate them quickly when they get in your sight while securing yourself versus from their assaults. You must be careful of the amount of your ammo given that the tool just has a restricted supply. For this reason, you are meant to gather more supplies spread over the ground, or you can collect them from dead opponents. In shell shockers, you have to always observe the surroundings since you have no concept when the adversaries strike and also fracture you. Program no mercy to every person! You must fight for the top spot on the leaderboard, which gives you a possibility to become the very best egg killer!

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